What I learn most from is being a mom for my three wonderful boys: David (2015), Simon (2017), Jakob (2020), and awesome stepson Kain.

I´ve listed some of the courses I´ve taken or am taking for WITH BABIES, but the best way to get to know me is to come and meet me at one of the classes.


Prenatal Dance Teacher Training / GroovaRoo Denver, CO, United States

2020 - attending



  • Prenatal Physiology for the Mother

  • Prenatal Physiology for the Baby

  • Benefits & Guidelines of Prenatal Dance

  • Prenatal Emotional Considerations for Mother & Baby

Babywearing Consultant / Liefdevol dragen




  • FWCC – Front Wrap Cross Carry

  • PWCC – Pocket Wrap Cross Carry

  • Heupdragen met een lange doek en de ring sling

  • Rugdragen met de ruck

  • Mei Tai

  • Soft-structured carriers – basis


  • De psychologische- en fysiologische invloeden 

  • Veiligheid en ergonomie, wat is het en hoe waarborg je dit

  • De relatie tussen hechting en dragen


geaccrediteerd door o.a. het Kenniscentrum Kraamzorg, KCKZ (ID nummer: 378847)

Postnatal and Babywearing Dance Teacher Training / GroovaRoo Denver, CO, United States

2020 - attending



  • Bond with your Baby through Movement in the First 1000 Days

  • Postnatal Physiology for the Mother

  • Stages of Development for the Baby

  • Benefits & Guidelines of Postnatal Dance

  • Babywearing Movement Education for 3 Types of Carriers

  • How to move with your baby in a safe & soulful groovaroo way

Lid beroepsvereniging van Vereniging draagdoekconsulenten (VDC)


Stanford´s Short Course on Breastfeeding  / Stanford University



Pedagogiek (Pedagogy) / Leiden University


As part of the Mathematics teachers program (ICLON)

Sit Less, Get active / The University of Edinburgh

2020 - attending

  • Be active during pregnancy

  • Dancing and health


Emergency Care: Pregnancy, Infants and Children  / University of Colorado

2020 - attending

  • Pregnancy, Labor, and Delivery

  • Neonatal Care and Pediatric Basics

  • Pediatric Pathology and Intervention


Supporting Parents of a Newborn Baby  / University of Colorado

2020 - attending

  • Postpartum depression

  • Care providing, family support, and fatherhood

  • Early bonding, relationship bonding, and kangarooing


EHBO, kinder EHBO / het Oranje Kruis

2014, 2017

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For my complete resume (final-year student MSc. in Mathematics, BSc. in Artificial Intelligence, academic honors, etc.) please don't hesitate to contact me. Also, if you have any tips or know great courses I could take, please text me.

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